samedi 14 mai 2016

New download links... once again

Just to let you know that I have setup new download links for the Amp Sim pack and LeCab.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

jeudi 5 mai 2016

Download links...

The download links are not gonna work for a couple of days. I was using Copy and the service is discontinued so I have to setup new links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

lundi 30 mars 2015

Testing new high gain amp sims.

Here are some tests of new high gain amp sims I'm working on. I have completely rework the algorithm. I can't say if it's more accurate or not because I haven't done any comparison with any of the real gear the sims are inspired by.  However, I think it feels and responds better than my previous sims. The power amps are definitely more dynamic, accurate and complete.

In the tests I have used Lasse & Mago DI+backing track. The signal I have used is:
DI->Mod TS sim->Amp sim->NadIR loaded with Rosen Digital EVH 5150 III IR.
No post processing.
All the controls at noon except for the treble for the Ecstasy inspired sim, as well as the gain for all sims that has been adjusted to taste.

Don't ask me when these are planed to released, I have no idea. There is still a lot of work to do... and I still don't have replaced my Windows computer.

lundi 27 octobre 2014

Rosen Digital Studio Guitar Cabinet IR library

I know it's been a while since my last post here. Shame on me, no excuses. Anyway, today I want to talk about a new guitar cabinet IR library that has just been released by Rosen Digital. This library offers IR of some of the most uses 4x12 cabinets in the industry (Marshall 1960A, Mesa Rectifier and Orange PPC) as well as some of best sounding combo amps (Budda, Fender and Carvin). It also contains custom cabinet IR digitally created by some blending process... and these are my favorite.

I have tested this library extensively in the last few days and I have to admit that these IR sound great. They are well balanced with a well defined low end. The top end is clear without being too fizzy. I think these IR can be easily qualified as "mix ready". And, even if you have to slightly process the resulting guitar tracks, these IR take the processing (compression and EQ) very well.

 Let's listen to few samples to demonstrate what kind of tone could be achieved with this library. With the first playlist below, I would like to demonstrate the 4x12 cabinet IR of the library in a metal context. To do so, I have used Jaymz DI and backing track of his Nevermore Narcosynthesis cover (with a link to the appropriate forum thread). In these examples, only the rhythm guitars have been reamped and processed with the library. No post processing has been applied on any of these samples. All the controls of the amp sim were at noon. To me, all of these tones are useable right off the bat. 

The next playlist illustrates the 2x12 cabinet IR use for clean tone. Again, no post processing has been applied apart a bit of reverb. Thanks To Widek Music for the DI tracks.

Why don't you test them by yourself, go grab the library here.

jeudi 23 janvier 2014


I just want to share the work of my friend Alex Valle at LUME PRODUCCIONS. Alex used my amp sims on Xader's (AOR) first release. For those who can read spanish here are some criticisms of the album (it got 10 out of 10). Alex produced, recorded and mixed the album. You can listen the entire album on Spotify (Not sure if it's available here in Canada). The album got some great guitar solos from Yu-ya Komatsu (Tokyo), Robert Rodrigo (Bilbao) and David Dans (L.A.) Below you can hear some short samples. So, if you like it go get it or get in touch with Alex for availabilities.

dimanche 5 janvier 2014

New download links

I have setup new download links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

mercredi 6 mars 2013

IPlug versions (32 and 64 bits)

Hi everyone, I apologies for not being very active. I finally decided to kick myself and port some of the amp sims to IPlug in order to ease the release of cross plateform versions of my plugins. I would like to thanks Oli Larkin for his enhanced version of Cockos' IPlug. You can get all the infos and download it from here. I have compiled 32 and 64 bits versions of VST for Windows and Mac as well as AudioUnit versions (32 and 64 bits) for Mac of HyBrit, LeGion, LeCto, LeXtac and Le456. The download links are on the right in "Amp sims pack" section. These have not been tested extensively so use them at your own risks and if you don't mind you can report bugs here. Apart from the MCJ channel of HyBrit, which has been changed a little bit, all the other sims should sound pretty much the same as the older versions.