jeudi 23 janvier 2014


I just want to share the work of my friend Alex Valle at LUME PRODUCCIONS. Alex used my amp sims on Xader's (AOR) first release. For those who can read spanish here are some criticisms of the album (it got 10 out of 10). Alex produced, recorded and mixed the album. You can listen the entire album on Spotify (Not sure if it's available here in Canada). The album got some great guitar solos from Yu-ya Komatsu (Tokyo), Robert Rodrigo (Bilbao) and David Dans (L.A.) Below you can hear some short samples. So, if you like it go get it or get in touch with Alex for availabilities.

3 commentaires:

  1. Nice music and guitar sound ;)
    Mix is not up to par with the global quality.
    You make the best amp sims...i know, because i tried them all :D

  2. Contact me at about compiling your plugins for Linux. It is relatively harmless and would benefit a lot of us.

  3. are chance of a deizel vh4 amp coming?